Do you have Blue Rabbits Fucking in your Soul Punk masterpost? I can't find it. I found "Can't remember the lyrics" but that's it. Am I blind? Have a lovely day xx :)

oh I didn’t actually but I just added some of the Robot Chicken videos to it, you can listen to Blue Rabbits Fucking here :)


Master post of music that Patrick Stump has sung, or been associated with in general.

The following links are links to a YouTube video of the song — if you wish to download the song, here is a link to rip it straight from the YouTube video.  For albums, if you wish to have it, just message me and I can upload it for you and send you the link!

( * is songs Patrick also sang vocals on, and ** is for songs that he also co-wrote, and ~ is songs that he also produced! )

Fall Out Boy


Evening Out With Your Girlfriend (2003) 
Take This to Your Grave (2003) 
My Heart Will Always be the B-Side to my Tongue (2004) 
From Under the Cork Tree (2005) 
Infinity on High (2007) 
Folie á Deux (2008) 
Believers Never Die Greatest Hits (2009)
Save Rock and Roll (2013) 
PAX AM Days EP (2013)

bonus songs:

Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers (2005)
The Music or the Misery (2005)
G.I.N.A.S.F.S (2007)

It’s Hard to Say “I Do”, When I Don’t (2007)
Beat It (2008)

Pavlove (2008)
Alpha Dog (2009)
Austin, We Have a Problem (2006-2007 [?])
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out (2003)
What’s This? (2006)
We Don’t Take Hits, We Write Them (2003-2004)
Hand of God (2006)
Lake Effect Kid (2007)
From Now on We Are Enemies (2009)
Turnpike Gates (2008)
Save Your Generation
Start Today (2005)
Star 67/Intro
Roxanne (2005)
Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting (2014)
One and Only (2007)

Solo Work


Truant Wave (2011)
Soul Punk (2011)


Everyday (2011)

Featured Vocal Appearances

Gym Class Heroes:

Cupid’s Chokehold (2007)
Clothes Off! (2007)
Blinded By the Sun (2008) ~

Cobra Starship:

iViva La Cobra! (2008) ~ ***
You’re Not in On the Joke (2009)


Don’t Regret It Now (2008) ~
Est. (80’s baby) [backing vocals] (2008) ~

Other Songs:

Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack (2005)
Second Chances - October Fall (2006)
Don’t Wake Me Up - The Hush Sound (2006)
One Day I’ll Stay Home - Misery Signals (2006)
King of Wishful Thinking - New Found Glory (2007)
If You Could Remember - Damnation A.D. (2007)
One of THOSE Nights - The Cab (2008) *** [also provided instrumentation]
Bounce - The Cab (2008) ** [instrumentation also]
I’m a Wonder - The Cab (2008) **
Birthday Girl - The Roots (2008)
That’s What it Takes, Dear - Kristeen Young (2008)
Open Happiness  - Coca-Cola Company (2009)
Feet Don’t Fail - Claude Kelly (2010)
The Last Hero - XV (2011)
Bummed Out Blues - Murs (2011)
All Your Heart - Transit (2011)
Jock Powerviolence - Weekend Nachos (2011)
Dancing With the Devil - Krewella (2013)
I Stand Alone - Robert Glasper (2013)


Supersize Me - Tyga (2008)
Woww - Tyga (2008)
Pleasure Ryland - Cobra Starship (2008) **
Little Weapon - Lupe Fiasco (2007) **
Guilty as Charged - Gym Class Heroes
Drnk Txt Rmeo - Gym Class Heroes (2008)
Like Father, Like Son (Papa’s Song) - Gym Class Heroes (2008)
Catch Me If You Can - Gym Class Heroes (2008)
Live a Little - Gym Class Heroes (2008)
No Place to Run - Gym Class Heroes (2008)


That 70’s Song - The Cab (2008)
The Other Side - Bruno Mars (2010)
Here I Am Alive - Yellowcard (2012)
Outlines - All Time Low (2012)
Picture Perfect - Escape the Fate (2013)

I will try very, very hard to update this as he continues to do more work — If any of the links are broken or become unavailable, please message me!

I think about music all the time.


Haha Pete gave us a hard time when we dressed up as stormtroopers on MONUMENTOUR, here’s a deleted scene. 


when ur pete wentz and a monkey pokes u in the assholeimage


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